NIT2000 Game


The first half of this year's game took us back and forth across Manhattan more times than we can count.

Roger shows some hustle retrieving a clue from Central Park

Jeff checks a clue solution, while Jan tries to find the location indicated by the clue on an electronic map

Jan scales a wall at a climbing gym to retrieve a clue from the top

Typical moment en route to a clue location: Jan calls someone for information on a cellphone and confers with Roger, while Bruce tries to get something working on his PC. The red stripes on various surfaces are duct tape, Team Purple's default solution to all equipment problems.

The coolest clue in this year's Game: a puzzle embedded in a painting that Game Control managed to get exhibited at Pop International, a SoHo art gallery

This is hard to read, but it's a brass plaque Game Control affixed to a "monument" (actually some sort of sewer entrance). The encoded text at the bottom of the plaque contains directions to the next clue. At this location, we lost one of our radios, which the Silver Team came along and found. They returned the radio to us at the end of the game. We still suspect some eavesdropping on their part.

Into the long night: Bruce negotiates with Game Control for a hint on a James Bond movie clue


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