NIT2000 Game

The Game Begins

By tradition, The Game starts at noon on a Saturday and runs for 24 hours or so to approximately noon on Sunday. This year's game begins a little earlier than normal, around 10:00 am, Saturday, June 19, 1999. The starting location is revealed to us the previous evening: Horace Mann High School in Brooklyn.

Game Control member Hadi Partovi poses outside the starting location with Team Purple member Jeff Pettiross. Hadi's smiling, but he must already be exhausted. From personal experience, we know that Game Control has probably already spent a sleep-deprived week putting everything in place for The Game, and they won't get much sleep (if any) in the next 24 hours either.

Bruce gets fingerprinted. All of us had to supply fingerprints for some Game IDs. Game Control worked these fingerprints into a clue later on.

Roger and Jeff in the minutes leading up to The Game's official opening and the distribution of the first clue. In recent years, Game openings have become more elaborate and theatrical. This year's game had a spy theme, so Game Control staged a welcome ceremony for a spy training academy.


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