NIT2000 Game


By 5:00 am Sunday morning, we're getting pretty punchy, and starting to become incoherent. Around sunrise, we fall victim to another team's clever deception: some members of Team Silver run out of a forest as we drive by, and we run into the woods assuming the clue must be hidden somewhere there. We're actually supposed to be looking for a clue at a location further up the road. We eventually find the clue, but it's not very well-constructed (the clue is based on a particular version of the Christian Bible, and we've got a different version) and we're not thinking very clearly. We fall from first place to fifth, and spend the rest of the morning trying to catch up.

Bruce enjoys a Sunday breakfast: yet another ham and cheese sandwich

Jeff can't stop smiling as he navigates with our GPS system from the back seat

Mid-morning on Sunday brings us to the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park

Puzzling over a clue based on artwork near the Unisphere

A cipher painted on the wall beneath a highway overpass.
[Earth to Game Control: This is not a Playfair Cipher.]

We follow Game Control's suggested driving route on our way to the finish line, and run into this: bumper-to-bumper traffic, as far as the eye can see


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