The Drink PlateTM

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The disposable plate with a delightful drink holder.

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The problem with disposable plates is you can't hold the plate, eat your food, and hold your drink at the same time. You basically need a third hand!

The patent-pending Drink Plate (TM) is the first disposable plate that transforms to put a drink holder right where you need it - at arm's reach.

A series of clever cuts allow a platform to almost magically spiral out from beneath the plate. This provides a stable rest for almost any beverage: soda cans, beer bottles, and of course the ubiquitous plastic party cup.

Having your drink with you prevents others from accidentally drinking your beverage, and allows you to mingle and socialize freely. It also frees up a hand to greet others, exchange business cards, etc.

The design of the Drink Plate allows a stack of plates to pack flat. This saves room in shipping and merchandising. It is completely manufacturable using current thermo-forming and die-cutting technologies.

Patent-Pending at USPTO. Manufacturer/press inquiries and further info: contact us.

More ideas on the inventor's primary web page.


*Formerly "BevPlate"